Rates at Riverview

Daily Rates with Full Hookup: $28.00
Daily with Electric & Water: $25.00
Basic Camping: $22.00

Camper Rental per Day including (4) persons: $45.00
Each Additional Adult is $4.00
Each Additional Child is $3.00

Monthly Rate:
Full Hookup is $450.00
Electric and Water is $350.00

Seasonal from Memorial Day to November 1st:
On the River :$1500.00
Alternate Locations: $1300.00
Basic Seasonal Camping: $1,000.00

Winter Storage: November 1st to Memorial Day: $250.00

Welcome to Riverview Campground!

We want to welcome you to Riverview Campground where you will have the most relaxing vacation of your life.

The address is:
Riverview Campground
13987 Park Avenue
Waterport, NY 14571-9759

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